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We design, produce, deliver and sell experiential training programs. For more than 50 years, thousands of companies, organizations, universities and charities worldwide have used our award winning simulations to help them create profoundly memorable learning experiences. We have products designed especially to serve two different audiences. Please choose where you fit best below, and let us show you why our customers value our simulations so highly.

Simulations for Business

Experiential training programs especially for business, consultants, government agencies, hospitals, and the military.

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Simulations for Schools and Charities

Experiential training programs for charities, universities, colleges, high schools, and intermediate schools.

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Simulations for Business

Award Winning Experiential Training Programs Since 1970

By incorporating simulations into training programs, you can offer the challenge of solving problems in real work conditions.
Simulations for Business

Our Corporate Best Sellers


BaFá BaFá – Professional

BaFá BaFá® helps participants understand how culture affects each person’s behavior and what is required of each person to live or work with people who have different values, work styles, and world views. Learn More.

StarPower logo


StarPower® participants are eager to discuss the normally taboo topic of power and how it can be used to create trust and commitment instead of distrust, anger and apathy. Learn More.

Pumping The Colors logo

Pumping The Colors

Pumping The Colors® team members understand at an intellectual and a visceral level what must be done to build a high performing team. Learn More.

Power of Leadership logo

Power of Leadership

Power of Leadership teaches leaders how to use power to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, solve problems, and manage positive change in the corporate culture. Learn More.

Simulations for Schools/Charities

Experiences that create a thirst for learning

When you put simulations into your curriculum, you establish a new contract with your students as they learn to deal with values, feelings, and use higher order cognitive skills to solve problems and make judgments.
Simulations for Schools/Charities

Our Best Sellers for Schools/Charities


BaFá BaFá – Schools/Charities

When participants finish BaFa’BaFa’®, they know what it feels like to be the one person in a group who is different. They understand how easily stereotypes can be developed and what must be done to overcome them.

Rafa Rafa logo

Rafá Rafá

Rafa’Rafa’ is a simplified version of BaFa’BaFa’ and therefore better suited for younger students.

Power of Leadership logo

Power of Leadership

Power of Leadership is a real time, face to face, non-computer based simulation that helps students understand the value and dangers a leader faces when he or she attempts to use the power that goes with a position.

StarPower logo


When participants finish StarPower®, they’re anxious to talk about the uses and abuses of power and how to best empower and motivate their employees.

More Great Simulations

Where Do You Draw the Line logo

Where Do You Draw the Line?

Where Do You Draw the Line? helps participants understand the actual principles that most people use to make ethical decisions. We often customize this simulation to target specific ethical issues.


Guns or Butter logo

Guns or Butter

Guns or Butter helps students understand current events at a visceral level. It’s one experience for a student to see a news report on North Korea’s plan for nuclear development; it’s quite another to see such a report and be able to feel as though you’ve been through a similar experience and can understand the pressures felt and decisions that leaders made in creating the situation.

Who We Are

Simulation Training Systems (STS), established in 1969, designs, produces and markets training programs for businesses, government agencies and schools/charities. These programs often create “aha” insights, stimulate creative ways of looking at problems and help both individuals and organizations overcome barriers to change and growth.

R. Garry ShirtsOur founder, Dr. R. Garry Shirts, was well known for his pioneering work in experiential training and won numerous awards and accolades from his peers. A long list of Fortune 500 companies, major universities and schools have taken advantage of these unique programs.