At Simulation Training Systems, we design, produce and market experiential training programs for businesses, schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations. If you’re interested in making an impact on your staff, students, managers, employees or associates in the areas of cross cultural relations, diversity, empowerment, team building, the use and abuse of power, ethics or sexual harassment, you’ve come to the right place. For more than 50 years, thousands of companies, organizations, and universities worldwide have used our simulations to help them shake up, reorder and challenge status quo thinking. Let us show you why our customers value our simulations so highly.

By incorporating simulations into training programs, you can offer the challenge of solving problems in real work conditions. Select one of the following simulations for more information:

bafa BaFá BaFá® Cultural Diversity, Diversity, Cultural Awareness, Mergers – helps participants understand how culture affects each person’s behavior and what is required of each person to live or work with people who have different values, work styles, and world views.

pol Power of Leadership® Leadership, Change Management, Position Power, Trust – This simulation teaches leaders how to use power to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, solve problems, and manage positive change in the corporate culture. It helps participants understand why the decisions, behavior, and attitudes of leaders are often misperceived by their followers.

ptc Pumping The Colors® Team Building, Team Development, TQM, Systems Thinking, Self Coaching – team members understand at an intellectual and a visceral level what must be done to build a high performing team.

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sp StarPower® Power, Diversity, Use/Abuse of Power, Leadership – participants are eager to discuss the normally taboo topic of power and how it can be used to create trust and commitment instead of distrust, anger and apathy. Used in Leadership and Diversity training. Clients

wdl Where Do You Draw the Line? Ethics, Ethical Boundaries – helps participants understand the actual principles that most people use to make ethical decisions. We often customize this simulation to target specific ethical issues. Clients

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