What is No?

Creating A Harassment Free Work Place.

Creating healthy, hassle-free environments for women and men.

What is NO? creates an openness and willingness in participants to build a positive environment for productive relationship.

What Results Can I expect from What is NO?

  • Support a corporate culture that thrives on mutual respect
  • Gain sensitivity to the other gender’s issues
  • Gain awareness of why harassment is such a complicated problem
  • Practice communication skills that address emotionally volatile issues
  • Become aware of what constitutes harassment and how to prevent it

What Does This Exercise Include – Ordering Information:

[tagline_box  title=”What is NO? has two components, a Director’s Guide and Participant Workbooks.” description= “The Director’s Guide contains complete instructions for conducting the simulation, discussion and reference material, analysis suggestions, and guidelines for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Participant workbooks come in sets of five unique and reusable workbooks. Each workbook has fifteen pre-sorted case studies that capture the essence of different types of sexual harassment. Each participant will be exploring both male and female viewpoints, the accused and accuser roles.”][/fusion_tagline_box]


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Participant Workbooks (5): $195
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Customers Who’ve Used What is No?

What qualifies behavior as sexual harassment?

How can a company create a culture where sexual harassment is not tolerated? How can people be encouraged to positively value and respect each other and remove the negativity that fosters harassment problems? This program is for any manager, supervisor, or employee who needs to know all of the issues in sexual harassment cases. What is NO? illuminates the subtle issues that affect male and female behavior, and how interactions between the sexes can create hostile environments.Participants have the opportunity to feel and judge the appropriateness of both male and female behavior. There are no easy answers. Harassment concerns do not go away if you do not talk about them. Protected by a safe, risk-free environment, What is NO? motivates participants to discuss painful situations that could realistically happen in the workplace.

What is No?

What is No? Directors Kit – Includes 5 Participant Workbooks

What happens in What is NO?

What is NO? is a multi-dimensional experience. Participants must reach a consensus on what is appropriate behavior for the work place. Then the situation evolves, the problem escalates, and the group must decide what the next action will be. Participants must then assume the role of a third party: the supervisor, human resource manager, or the boss. Participants get to experience decision making and observe how others are influenced by sexual harassment. They learn actions by deducing what is appropriate behavior from discussions and answers they gather in the What is NO? simulation.

How many can participate in What is NO?

We recommend that you have at least 20 participants ( 4 sets of 5). Large numbers can be accommodated with the addition of facilitators for the discussion.

How long does What is NO? take?

With this flexible format, you can easily provide one hour or one day of awareness training. The case studies are clearly divided. You can explore the situation that is closest to your own or discuss several over a period of time. We recommend at least one hour per situation.

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