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Do you have any new programs coming out?

Yes, we are currently working on online versions of StarPower and BaFa' BaFa'. We are very excited about the progress we've made. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or if you'd like to be notified when progress is made. Our long term plan is to create online options of all our simulations.  


Are they stand alone experiences?

Yes, most of the time they are used as stand-alone experiences in the classroom. However, they are also integrated into summer camp types of experience. If you are going to integrate them into an existing program, you may want to give us a call as we have some suggestions for how to do that effectively.


Can your products be reproduced?

No. All of our products are copyright protected and cannot be copied or reproduced. However, most of our educational products are reusable, so there should be no need to reproduce anything.


Are your simulations computer based?

We are currently creating online versions of all our simulations. StarPower and BaFa' BaFa' will be first. The original versions of our simulations are real time, face to face simulations that require 1 to 4 hours to complete. Both online and face to face and online versions will get their power from the interaction of the participants as they attempt to resolve conflicts, plan, solve problems and allocate resources in a simulated environment.


Can I order from your website?

Business simulations may  now be ordered online via our corporate store or call us for orders outside the U.S. at (800) 942-2900 or (858) 450-3400. You can place the order over the phone with a credit card number (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) or with a Purchase Order Number (in the United States).