We've been working diligently in response to an overwhelming number of requests to create virtual live versions (online) of our experiential programs. We are very excited about the progress and are confident these will be fantastic virtual live (online) programs.

Our roadmap for development:

  • Started with our Leadership/Use & Abuse of Power/Diversity program StarPower. We are in the final stages of development on phase 1. We plan on offering a live Beta version in the very near future.
  • Updates and upgrades, specifically concerning usability, stability and international hosting.
  • Adapt either our Ethics program Where do you draw the line? or the Power of Leadership. There are pros and cons for each, we will be deciding which in the upcoming months.
Our goal is to create virtual live programs for participants to have powerful, meaningful & memorable experiences.
Use our Contact us form, or give us a call at (858) 450-3400, or sign up for our eNewsletters (at the bottom of this page), for more information.