guns or butterWe’ve revised it and reissued Guns or Butter as a way of helping students understand current events, especially the Iraq war, the nuclear weapons programs of Iran and North Korea. Here is a portion of the organizations who’ve used the new version. This is the updated version of the original, well thought out, and professionally published version of Guns or Butter. There are many knock-off versions available for download that are poor copies. We think you’ll get what you pay for. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

StarPower and Where do you draw the line? are incredible games. I am responsible for training over 1500 people and these games have provided me the opportunity to present easy yet interactive training to my folks. Good job to all who were instrumental in making these games.”
SFC Keith A. Arachikavitz, U.S. Army
“BaFa’ BaFa’ was a great success. Your ideas and instructions worked so well, and while it’s a demanding simulation it’s so much fun and such a good learning experience. All 60 participants, including some observers, have seen its value, and want more of it…”
Andrea Milic, CBTBO
“It’s impossible to know how many people have been through Star Power, but the number of participants is certainly in the millions. Some people have run it hundreds of times. It’s very satisfying to know that so many people have experienced it and hopefully benefited from that experience.
R. Garry Shirts, Founder, Simulation Training Systems
“This game could be called the mother of all simulation games.”
Gert Jan Hofstede, Paul B. Pedersen, Geert Hosftede, From the Book Exploring Culture