Coming Soon!

We've been working diligently for months in response to an overwhelming number of requests to create a virtual live (online) version of our experiential program StarPower (Use & Abuse of Power/Social Justice, Leadership).

We are very excited about the progress and are confident this will be fantastic virtual live program for interested parties.
Our main goal is to create an online platform for participants to have the same experiences as they would with our original version of StarPower, we feel confident we have succeeded!

We have a number of outward facing trials planned for next week.Our hope is we'll be able to have the first version available to public in BETA use by the middle of July. We should have a more specific availability date very soon.

Our design uses a combination of Zoom (or any Video Conferencing System), along with an easy to use customized web based trading and scoring platform built specifically for this simulation.

Feel free to contact us at (858) 450-3400 or email ( with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your patience and your interest.