If you are a company or an individual who is looking to expand your product line of experientially based training programs, please contact Mitch Shirts at 1-800-942-2900. We would like to talk to you about our partnering arrangements.

Advantage Performance Group

Advantage Performance Group is one of our most important partners. Located in beautiful Tiburon, California, they have representation in all major U.S. cities and working relationships in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Advantage is fully resourced to provide you with just-in-time delivery and implementation support across all of your territories and geographies. Even to the point of functioning as your worldwide outsource provider for performance consulting and training services! They can be reached at 1-800-494-6646 or by clicking on the above link.

Barnum and Associates

Barnum and associates conducts the Experience Compression Laboratory nine times a years. This program has been running continuously since 1957. They do not advertise, but it is always full because former participants recommend it to their colleagues and subordinates.

Dr. Shirts recommends the program very highly. Participants work 12 hours a day for 6 days. They do not reveal their names, vocations, or titles until the last day. They receive feedback on their style from the beginning to the end. In Dr. Shirts words, “It is the most effective training program I have ever attended. The people who attended when I went through it will never be the same. It is very powerful. It has the power of the encounter group without the negative effects that such groups often created. The hours are long and you must be willing to examine your work style and how it affects those around you. It is the perfect program for the young executive who has the technical skills to advance, but whose management style is holding him/her back.”

If you wish to contact Barnum you may do so via e-mail at Barnum10@aol.com or by calling Betty Forbis or Gregg Metzler at 908-271-0990.

Richard Lee

Richard Lee describes two very effective programs below. Garry Shirts says,’The feedback process that Richard has developed intensifies the power of the feedback but allows the recipient to control the risk. It’s very ingenious. I wish I had thought of it.”

Richard J. Lee Consulting provides executive and organization development consulting specializing in aligning and strengthening executive teams. “Richard Lee played a key role in helping shape the culture of Silicon Graphics.” Ed McCracken, Chairman & CEO, Silicon Graphics.

The Collaboration Challenge drives and enables organizations to strengthen collaboration across all boundaries to leverage their capability and impact. “Richard Lee’s Collaboration Challenge is a powerful and engaging program which will truly leverage our intellectual capability, the key priority in our hyper-growth network consulting company.” Steve Umphreys, Vice President, International Network Services.

Leveraging Impact builds individual and team capability through an innovative and constructive feedback process for intact management teams. “Leveraging Impact is the single most effective process for improving working relationships, trust and open communication I’ve ever encountered. It resulted in forging a far more effective management team, with the speed and impact required for a Cisco environment.” Tom Fallon, Vice President, Cisco Systems.

Richard Lee: email: RichLee123@aol.com Ph: (650) 917-9123 Both Collaboration Challenge and Leveraging Impact are copyright protected.

Sidney Wool

Sidney Wool is one of the few people in the training world who truly practices what he teaches. He is the world’s best listener. He is offering a series of training programs in association with Simulation Training Systems (STS) that specialize in interpersonal skills. These particular skills are extremely helpful in getting the most from the awareness and processes learned in STS simulations. His “Silver Lining of Conflict”, “Interactive Listening” and “Low-Risk Confrontation” offer “how to” learning of skills that are so often advocated but seldom learned in a way that prompts their use when needed most. His programs provide some basics for making participative process and group centered leadership more than idealistic concepts. They are basis to maintaining satisfying productive and trusting work relationships.

Previously, Sidney Wool was the Director and contributing author of The Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) Program for which he developed and administered a multi-national, quality controlled delivery system through which over 175,000 leaders attended L.E.T. programs. Clients where he personally taught include Rockwell, Monsanto, Security Pacific National Bank, American Association of Industrial Management, Ryder-P.I.E., California Department of Justice, U.S. Postal Service, American Standard, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, T.B.M. Consulting, University of Missouri (St. Louis) and The Executive Committee (T.E.C.)

He can be reached at Simulation Training Systems office: voice 858 450-3400, fax (858) 450-3463 or e-mail at mitch@simulationtrainingsystems.com.

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