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About Dr. R. Garry Shirts

Dr. R. Garry Shirts, founder of Simulation Training Systems, was well known for his pioneering work in experiential training and won numerous awards and accolades from his peers. A long list of Fortune 500 companies, major universities and schools have taken advantage of these unique programs.

Presentation Before American Water Works – Using Pumping the Colors

What happens in Pumping the Colors: How teams behave in a typical session, How Pumping The Colors was developed and how it has been used, and Why Pumping the Colors and similar type experiences help adults learn better than lecture, videos, computer based training and other techniques.


Cohesion Through Diversity

My focus in this talk is on organizations, businesses, volunteer groups, or any other group made up of people from different cultures for the purpose of creating common cause whether that is a product, a service, or a benefit for the community. To develop this skill a person needs to know and understand different cultures as well as know how to apply the basic principles of organizational development and leadership.