If you are an external consultant or interested in re-selling this program please email or call us at 858 450-3400 for more details.

Pumping The Colors Master Kit and Participant Materials.

Pumping The Colors® (PTC) is an active hands-on team building simulation for groups of five to ten participants (multiple teams can be run simultaneously). It challenges them to execute a complicated task under conditions that require participants to perform and improve as a team. The process of accomplishing the task distills the excitement of a game and the inspiration of solving a real-life problem into an unexpectedly powerful learning experience. Visit the main Pumping The Colors page for detailed product information.

Pumping The Colors is delivered in TEAMS but purchased in two pieces:

  1. A Director's Kit which includes everything the facilitator needs to learn how to run the program ($400). See below for more details.
  2. One set of participant materials for each person going through the program, these materials are consumable. A MASTER PTC KIT which includes all of the materials needed for the TEAM process is used during the simulation then returned to us for cleaning and refurbishing. The use of the Master Kit is included in the per person price. There are full day and half day versions of PTC. The full day version is $195* per person, and the half day version is $135* per person.

The Participant Materials need to be ordered directly from Simulation Training Systems (not available online) due to special shipping requirements. Please contact us by email at sales@simulationtrainingsystems.com, or call directly at 858 450-3400.

For example, if you're planning to conduct a training session for 2 teams of 7 participants, you'll need to purchase one Director's Kit (which is reusable) and 14 sets of participant materials. The participant materials are consumed and include everything each person needs to participate in the simulation. We would send two Master Kits (one for each team), which will be returned to us. If you would like to run the program again, you can reuse the Director's Kit portion, but will need to purchase new participant materials each time.

The Director's Kit includes the following:

  • Train the Trainer Video (DVD) - an annotated video of a full day PTC Train the Trainer session with examples of prior PTC solutions.
  • Director’s Guide - includes detailed step by step Train the Trainer Workbook, Seven Practices Of High Performing Teams cards, Team Management Systems Work Preference cards, full day annotated participant workbook, sample half day participant workbook, plus additional support materials.
  • Customizable marketing materials - including sell sheets (branded and unbranded), Improving Team Performance powerpoint, American Water Works Presentation, Half Day vs. Full Day powerpoint, and more.
  • Phone support - we'll spend as much time as you need helping you understand the power and subtleties of running Pumping The Colors.

Please call (858) 450-3400 or email with any questions, we're happy to help.